Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off Topic

Slow week in news so I figured I'd branch off of the news and opinions to talk about what's coming up in my life.

The big thing is that I'll be getting a new phone late this week / early next week. It's the Samsung i760 Smartphone/PDA. Not only is it a 3G (with a windows upgrade) but it'll hold up to 32gb of space. I'll only be getting a 4gb microSD card but it's nice to know I could upgrade. Also, I'll be getting internet on my phone! Now, if I get stuck in traffic or my internet craps out or I'm hanging out in jury duty, I'll be able to blog here. The picture above is the phone with it's keyboard out.

Now, I got this phone on eBay for 227.50. I can sell my u740 Alias phone on eBay for 150. If that happens, I would basically get this new Smartphone for only $70. Booyah!

My Goddaughter turned 2 last week. She's adorable. I got her into Winnie The Pooh and now she's bouncing her 3 1/2 foot Pooh like Tigger does.

School is starting up again next week. It's only 3 classes so I'm not too bothered by it. Part-time students for the win.

And lastly, I've decided to be The Wanderer from Diablo 2 for Halloween. I have a Kit-Rae sword which looks like the one from the Act 1 cinematic. I also have a 13th century replica monk's robe which looks like a normal cloak. Should be pretty epic. Halloween for me is when my summer community has it (Columbus Day weekend) so expect pictures or something before Halloween.