Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can't Quit? Epic Fail.

Here's a little tid-bit for those who want to leave WoW for other MMOs:

1. People who said that they were leaving WoW for another MMO and they left for Age Of Conan, 68% of the players re-subscribed to WoW.

2. People who said that they were leaving WoW for another MMO and they left for Warhammer, 48% of the players re-subscribed to WoW.

It just proves that WoW is like drugs: you can't stop... j/k. But it does ponder the question to those WoW leavers that if these people were tired of WoW and wanted something new or just... well, wanted something new. I knew I didn't want to play anymore but 68% of people returning to a game they left is astonishing.

But, this isn't your typical MMO. Leaving EverQuest was never really an option unless you wanted to stop playing MMOs all together. I mean, it really was the only one out there at the time. And usually, in EQ, you were replaced once you left (in the high end guilds). In WoW, there are so many players that if you were to leave, and lose your spot in a guild, you could find an equal guild doing the same raids.

All of this just proves that this isn't you grandfather's MMO... or for some of you, your older sibling and/or father's MMO.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote 08!

Tomorrow is election day in the US. That means that it's now our time to use our right as US citizens to go out and vote for whomever you believe should be our leaders. No matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, it's time to spend 5 minutes of your day to go and vote.

As much as I would love to spend more time playing Fable 2 for the 2nd time through, I know I'll be spending a few minutes of my day at the polls.