Thursday, October 9, 2008

BlizzCon 08!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Diablo 3 information right here!

I'll be posting frequently tomorrow evening on whatever we hear.

*Update - 11:00AM EST*

It is official: There will be a PLAYABLE DEMO OF DIABLO 3! Also, you will be able to play a new class! Damn you, you lucky SOBs. :-P

"Among these brave champions stands the enigmatic witch doctor, a spiritual warrior from deep within the Torajan jungles. At BlizzCon 2008, the witch doctor is yours to command for the first tim ever. Stop by the Diablo area on the show floor for your chance to lead this fierce new hero into the catacombs beneath the Tristram Cathedral.

While you're there, revisit the raw strength of the barbarian - a Diablo series classic - or try your hand at Sanctuary's newest champion, who will be revealed at the event."

*Update - 2:00PM EST*

Blizzard has release a new class! THE WIZARD! I'm pretty excited about this class - love the name too. I find it better than Sorceress but not as cool as if they were to bring back the Mage.

It is said that the Wizard will have Charged Bolt, Magic Missle, Blizzard, Tornado, and Frost Nova.

The description follows: Youthful and headstrong, the upstart Wizard manipulates the primal forces of the universe to vanquish foes.

There is also news that the playable demo's final boss is the Skeleton King! No, not Jack. He's the Pumpkin King. Is it Leoric? I mean, we killed him when he was already dead so I guess he could still be there in Tristram's Cathedral.

*Update - 5:00PM EST*

Blizzard has updated with a full page on the Wizard including some new spell trailers as well as a cinematic trailer for the class! There are also numerous screenshots updated on the website. It's a great read.

I am also VERY convinced that the Skeleton King is King Leoric himself. It's just too weird to have a 'Skeleton King' in the Tristram Cathedral when in Diablo 1, the Skeleton King was Leoric. In any case, he looks badass!