Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Top Ten Dumbest Things In Diablo 2.

Been busy this past week so here's a little list that HellForge created. It's the top ten dumbest features of Diablo 2. I don't believe the Great Marsh should be on the list because of the experience we get from single player games. In any case, it's a pretty accurate list.

I'd also like to add the Assassin character class to this list. It should be #3.

10. Attack and Stamina Potions
Honestly, did anyone ever use these? For anything? Ever? They had barely enough power to clear out the Stony Field, why did they even bother to include them? The most ridiculous and useless items in the entire game, without a doubt.

9. The “Thief” Monster Ability
An interesting, if disastrous feature, that lasted all of one patch. I wonder who thought that ripping items off a player’s character and dropping them onto the ground for all to see was an awesome idea? Still, it was worth it just to hear the screams of panic.

8. Nihlathak’s “Corpse Explosion”
Hmmm… oh, I know! Let’s give him the ability to cast a spell that does massive damage from two screens away! And make it kill you in one shot! Yeah, that’s a great feature! Hardcore players will LOVE the “challenge”.

7. + Light Radius
Useless little modifier that would appear on every freakin’ thing you didn’t want it to. What’s it going to do? Blind the monsters with its luminous shine? More like attract them from half a thousand miles away to figure out what this giant glowing bug catcher is.

6. Isenhart’s Set
Isenhart, I think I speak for every player when I say “F*** off, you useless w****y piece of c**k cheese”. We’re sick of your set turning up twelve times in each game; it’s as effective as a semi-defrosted mackerel. And smells about as good too.

5. The Great Marsh
Probably the least visited area in Diablo 2, most of the time we don’t need to go near the Great Marsh at all. Whether it’s a bug, or just made that way, it rarely generates as a part of the main Kurast path, instead appearing as a sort of dead end detour. Why would we want to spend twenty minutes exploring a pointless midget filled area that goes nowhere? Meh.

4. Loot Drop Glitches
This can occur at any time, but most notably in the Level 3 Durance of Hate’s Council Members. How many times have you killed those guys on the way to Mephisto and had them drop nothing? Also known to happen with Duriel, who may drop no more then a town portal. I’ve even personally solo-slain Hell Baal… only to have him drop a few yellow items. Curse you Blizzard for your buggy drops!!!

3. Druid’s “Spirit of Barbs”
A level 30 ability for the Druid, the Spirit of Barbs with 20 points in it does close to 100% damage return to attackers. Meanwhile, the Paladin’s “Thorns” aura - a level 6 ability – does 100% damage return… with one skill point in it. The Druid’s suckage doth make us ROFL.

2. Making Hell ‘Durance of Hate’ 10x Bigger
A classic example of trying to force gamers to “play the game the way it’s meant to be played”. The idea was to make running Hell Mephisto a tad harder, or perhaps abolish running him altogether. Instead, 75% of Diablo 2’s playerbase suddenly became acquainted with the time saving “map hack”. Longevity lies in being able to speed through the monotonous nowadays; remember that, developers. We’re happy to take things slow for the first few play throughs, but it very quickly becomes “been there, done that”. Trying to draw out the pain (coughcoughHellgate1.3dcoughcough) will not be appreciated.

1. Nerfing “Whirlwind”
Whirlwind was the ability of Diablo 2. It was the skill that almost single handedly marketed the game to all fans of the warrior class. And for a few patches, it was good! Then BAM! Nerfed harder then the American economy. At -50% damage right off the bat, Whirlwind needed a massive amount of points just to reach “useful” let alone “devastating”. Take a mental note people, if some skill seems insanely powerful to you: shut up about it!


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