Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cool Quests: Take Down Tethyr! [Alliance]

I was running around Dustwallow Marsh today with my Priest when I stumbled upon a little, very fun, quest chain with a very satisfying ending. It took me to the lighthouse right next to Theramore Isle. After collecting 4 oils for the lighthouse, I received a book which took me to the Artisan Fishing Trainer. I then had to coat myself with fish guts so I can attract a shark to me. Finally, after doing that, I found myself back in Theramore. This time though, once I accepted the quest, the skies got black and this massive black sea creature entered the docks.

It's name is Tethyr and it looks like a Dinosaur Naga-Murlock thing. You cannot kill it at your level. It is ?? at level 35. However, you have cannons to help you. It takes 10 shots to kill him while he tries to cast Water Gun on you; leaving a knock-back effect on you. The catch: The 12 Archers which are helping you can be killed and you need to defeat Tethyr before all 12 die.

It's a very easy quest chain but it gives you that "Whoa!" feeling. Go check it out if you haven't experienced the new 2.3 Dustwallow Marsh content.