Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kaliri Will Now Properly Attack Us

It's a sad day for those of us who are still grinding out our Sha'tari Skyguard rep. A little portion of the 2.4 patch notes gained my attention today. Under the section "World Environment": Monstrous Kaliri have learned how to chase players going straight up. Where I am glad the Monstrous Kaliri went to flight school, it is disappointing to know that we will no longer be able to fly straight up and evade their attacks.

I was playing today doing the Skettis' bombing eggs daily when I had to evade one. The Kaliri followed me up pretty high. I looked down as The Postal Services' song "Such Great Heights" started playing. I laughed as the chorus played...

They will see us waving from such great heights /
"Come down now" they'll say /
But everything looks perfect from far away /
"Come down now" but we'll stay.

With all the Kaliri circling below, it was just the perfect situation.

Anyways, enjoy flying high for now but be sure to remember to stay away from them after 2.4. They can daze you and knock you off your mount; leading to either death or a nice swim in the lake below.


Mattarin said...

yeah i don't get why they will be able to chase us know (even tho i haven't done that quest yet). awesome song btw.