Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Making A Note Here: HUGE SUCCESS!

Not only is it a huge success that the PTR for 2.4 hit over the weekend but also this: WoW has implemented our Weighted Companion Cube into the Lunar Festival! I was walking around Stormwind when I noticed it yesterday morning and so did some other people who have screen shots of this all over the internet (WoW Insider picked out the best one IMO).

For those who do not know what this Weighted Companion Cube is, it is part of a video game called Portal (part of the Orange Box). On level 17 of this game, you get a Weighted Companion Cube to help you along through the level. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it. Pick it up on Steam or purchase the Orange Box. Also, the title of today's post is from the ending credits song called "Still Alive." You can search for the song on YouTube.

Now, in WoW, you can't touch it, pick it up, or throw it into an incinerator (some people want to throw it into the Great Forge in Ironforge). It kind of makes me sad. I want it as a friend. Imagine having one as a non-combat pet? They already says "So-and-So's Companion". It would be cool to have it say "Weighted Companion Cube // Aticus' Companion." Hey, I can dream.

In any case, I had a long post about the Lunar Festival planned out but I saw this and HAD to post about it. Thank you Blizzard!