Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Gotz Mah FigurePrint!

As promised, here are some pictures of my FigurePrint of Aticus.

Please click them to see a full resolution picture. Due to horrible lighting, the picture quality is pretty weak... Sorry. The middle one looks the best because you can see how detailed the face can be. Problem is, it blows out the particles. It does not look that bad. Excess lighting on an object will blow out anything (ie: dust on a laptop).

I love it. You can see some residue / dust / particles... whatever you wanna call it. But it's still 32 man days worth of my life finally memorialized as a statue instead of a piece of data.

I spent 7 years playing Diablo 2 and now all but one of my characters are gone; never to be seen again. And you can take screenshots and say, "Hey, it's good enough." Fine by me - go ahead. But screenshots will be gone someday too. This is only $115. Anyone who is over 16 can go out, get a job, work for 3 days and pay it off.

I'm just saying, to all the nay sayers out there (in a tone that Yahtzee said it in his Portal Review around 4:00 minutes), "Fuck You. FigurePrints are great and if you don't think so, you must be stupid."



Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks for posting them.

-- The same guy from the other day

Aticus said...

No problem - Thanks for looking :-)

Matt Graham said...

Gratz! It looks awesome!