Monday, May 5, 2008

New Blizzard Store

(This post is in memory of Ryan J. Buckley)

Not much news to talk about for the WoW casual player. However, for those hardcore Blizzard fans (such as myself), Blizzard has finally updated their online store! It's all cool looking, organized, and cleaned up. I remember seeing so many things out of stock but that's gone.

In other Blizzard news, Blizzard has officially taken over (now linked to This is not a sign for a release date but it does raise an eyebrow that they are planning something. I hope we hear something soon! Just to clarify, the owner gave the website to Blizzard. Now, Blizzard should give the guy some money for it. They're sitting on so much cash that it'll be a nice write-off.

And we have just about 11,000 hits to this blog. It might not seem like much but it makes me feel proud.


Matt Graham said...

Gratz on 10,000+ hits!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, but whatever happened to the figureprint photos you were going to post last Thursday? :(

Aticus said...

GTA happened :D

It's at my summer house now so I'll get to it over the weekend. Expect something Friday or Saturday.