Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paladins Kinda Cut Out of Tuesday's Wrath Leak

I've read over (which has all sorts of Wrath Alpha info) and I was very disappointed to find that there was only one spell leak for the Paladin. *Spoiler***Highlight the following text** The spell is called Martyr: Redirect all harmful spells directed at friendly targets to yourself for X time.***

So, where it's something, I would have liked to have seen more spells. There have been 5 classes already who have some spells and talents leaked but just the one from the Paladin. I wanna see the new changes to Protection (like Blizzard has said).

The new Mage spells and talents are really something wicked. Especially the Frost tree. Stun anyone? Mwhahaha. Warlocks will finally get Metamorphosis! I loved the spell in Warcraft 3 and now it is in WoW. They have screenshots too! And how about that picture at the top of the page? I would bet that might be the non-combat pet we'll get for the collector's edition.

On a Mage update, my Mage is currently 68. We're working really hard on to get him to 70 and at least into the battlegrounds for some epics. The time has come to settle down, save your money, and build up for the expansion.

Also, congratz to David Cook for winning the American Idol competition! And rightfully so. It wasn't even close. He won by 12 million votes! Amazing! I can't wait for his second album.