Friday, February 8, 2008

Upper Deck Announces The World Of Warcraft Miniatures Game!

This past week, Upper Deck Entertainment released its newest game: Warcraft Minis! "World Of Warcraft Miniatures Game" features little figures, much like Warhammer, but already painted. It looks like you and your friends will be able to play one character, an entire group of characters against each other, or fight againstraid bosses (they've already announced Onyxia).

You can get a prebuilt starter set for two players, a Deluxe Starter Set, or booster packs. In these sets, you can play as three factions: Alliance, Horde, or Monsters. Come on... you all know you want to play as the Murlocs (which I HOPE they will create). There will also be figures for each race and class! I am guessing, for example, that there will be 9 warriors for each of their respected races. How cool is that?

My one major question is: Can this be playable by picking up your starter, reading a few pages of rules and jumping right in or will we be having our heads spinning at the difficulty? I hope they make the game easy to play so those non-WoW players can just sit down, read a few pages of rules and jump right into the experience. Many friends of mine do not play WoW but we've been looking for a Warcraft related thing outside of the video game to play. We thought about the RPG board game but it seemed too complicated for the average Joe and the trading cards can get expensive.

I really wish this is a game where you have 5 people over the house and 4 know the game, you can teach that fifth player in a matter of a few minutes. What they should have is a little card board cheat sheet with spells and stats (with descriptions! Ex: Flash Of Light / Costs 150 Mana / Heals a player for 500 Health). Maybe something where each player can buy a starter set, have a 5 man instance or something. This way, each player can learn their class (much like the game). Time will tell because the full website will be released on April 20, 2008 with an expected release in the Fall.

You can view their website at or the fansite


Mattarin said...

Yeah i saw this on WoW Insider and i look forward too it. What me and my friends did was make a WoW version of D&D. I have a friend who makes little die-cast models and he made up some orcs,trolls,tauren,humans,dwarfs,etc, and some familar bosses and we did the dungeon plans from D&D books but it worked out really nice. I hope they make a WoW version of Risk.

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