Monday, April 7, 2008

Earthen Ring Wikia

Not sure if there are any other servers on Wikia but I stumbled across an Earthen Ring server wikia. There's a few players on there who are creating pages for their characters and stories. There's also a list of guilds which will help anyone new to the server or switching factions.

You can check out Aticus' page here. Have fun enjoying his character page. [I must say that there is no relation to my own personal personality. It is fully Role Played]. There will be a bigger update Thursday.

PS: I came across a video game reviewer who is just hilarious. You can watch some video reviews here.


Mattarin said...

can you tell me how to access that. i tried to find my server, suramar, but i had no idea where to look. you can just respond back here and ill check later.

Aticus said...

Well, besides Google, I don't think there is a way to search for your server. I looked on google for Suramar and I couldn't find one... Who knows, maybe in your free time you can make your own :-).