Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Update on Aticus

Two big news topics: Wrath is in Alpha testing. Rejoice! Secondly, Curt Schilling was on The Instance. I just happened to turn on ustream and I heard his voice and just freaked out! The episode isn't for download yet but once it is up, download it. He's one of the greatest.

Now, Aticus has been very busy over the last week and a half. Things have slowed down (work wise) and I've been able to play in the world of Azeroth for many more hours than I'm used to. I've purchased The Blade Of Wizardry for Aticus because it is a sword made up of pure fire. Was it an upgrade? Not really. My healing went down but my spell damage rose. For solo play, spell damage is a major key to the puzzle. 1200 gold for it on the AH and that did set me back. But, I had the extra cash and I couldn't pass it up. The good news is, after doing dailies for The Shattered Sun, I've gained it all back and more.

I've leveled up my professions up a lot more than they used to. 375 Cooking, 300 Fishing, 290 Skinning, and 246 Mining. I've been talking about doing this for a while and it's a good way to spend my free time after I've done my share of dailies.

Earthen Ring is around 50% done with Phase 3. Pretty sweet. This means, that by the time we hit Phase 4, I will be exalted with The Shattered Sun Offensive! I really want that title "Aticus Of The Shattered Sun" and the tabard. Yeah, I'm a Shattered Sun fanboy. You know, breaking down factions and all that stuff. I'm about 3500-3700 into Revered. Getting about 2500-3000 per day.

By the by, get the food from the vendor there on Quel'Danas. Somewhere around 7500 health and mana in the same food item. Just like the mage's food table but in your backpack. Only 50 silver for 5.

I've also given up on the Naga killing daily on Quel'Danas. The drop rate is too low, the spawn rate is slow, and the siren frostbolting wenches are just annoying. It's not worth my time for just 12 gold.

Oh well. Have a good weekend folks! Be back Monday.


Mattarin said...

sounds like you are having fun again. i have finally taking part in the sunwell dailies and i did kara for like 10 min. didnt get anything tho. i was a dps replacement and we were going to fight monroes but we wiped twice and called it quits.

i made a suramar wiki for my realm but no one took it seriously and shot it down. made me kind of sad but oh well. here is my wiki for my main

Aticus said...

Yeah I am having fun. It happens a lot when there's just nothing to do.

Your wikia is great. I like how you're all 'for the Horde' and 'Thrall's will be done'.