Monday, April 14, 2008

Let The Powerleveling Begin!

After BC came out, I leveled Aticus to 70. However, my level 60 Mage was just sitting there at the top of my character list, twiddling his thumbs, and looking from side to side as if he was up to something. I've decided to take him out of retirement. My buddy and I now have a set schedule, day by day, to take turns playing him through Outland. Ideally, I want to make him a great Frost Crit / Shatter build using Mind Mastery and Spell Power talents.

Now, let me try to explain how it works. In layman's terms: Freeze them to the ground and hurt them bad with ice spells. Now, how do I do that? Well, the 40/00/21 helps. Mind Mastery increases spell damage by 25% of your Int. Spell Power increases crit damage by 50%. Now, add that with the frost talent Ice Shards for another +100% crit damage. That's 150%. Wow. With the Shatter talent, the crit chance of spells is increased by 50% against frozen targets. What does Ice Lance do? If it crits, it does 3 time the damage. A good crit with Frostbolt will also give out about 3,500 damage with about 1000 spell damage.

PVP anyone? :-P

We'll see what happens but I'll be playing 6 hours a day while my friend will do another 6. He has full rested so it should be going fast. I'd guess 2 weeks.