Monday, April 21, 2008

Wrath Alpha Screenshots Leaked

Matt from World Of Blogcraft posted some leaked pictures of the Wrath Alpha. These are not screenshots because Blizzard is smart and disabled the button. However, this guy took these pictures from his digital camera. The quality isn't that good but you can make it out.

Now, could these be fake? Of course. The maps seem real - not the dwarf hairstyles.

The one that makes me ponder is the picture of the Undead Death Knight. If it is fake, kudos to the person who made it. However, if it is real, I looks like there will be more Hero Classes. Personally, I believe there's more to the Hero Classes than Blizzard is letting us know. I think they will make a whole set of Hero Classes and not just the one DK.

The picture shows the Death Knight slot under a Hero Class tab. There are also 5 other boxes with grey keys in them. This could mean that there are more classes on release or it could mean they are locked out until a later date. I know we need to do a quest to unlock the Death Knight. I'm guessing that at the completion of this quest, we will get a key that matches the grey keys in the picture.

This is all speculation of course but it's fun to throw ideas out there.

**EDIT** - 12:34AM

After a closer look at the DK picture, it seems like a fake. The Axe is overlapping the character select frame and the left foot of the Undead male is overlapping the name box. Plus, it might be my eyes but it seems like the name box is smaller than normal. Also, the DK info box looks fishy... it's all blocky.

**EDIT 2** - 11:12am Monday

The website has taken down the Undead Death Knight picture.

Blogbraft has a flicker of the original here.


Matt Graham said...

Hey Aticus! Thanks for sourcing me in your post - unlike some other people out there. >.>

Aticus said...

I know! I can't believe that a very popular Warcraft blog would not acknowledge that you posted before them. Yet alone that the blogger who posted that article has had a rough weekend with a few PVP vs PVE opinion posts :).