Monday, March 31, 2008

Brief Description Of A Few Phase 1 & 2 Daily Quests

After spending a few days playing around in Quel Danas, I have found a new liking to Daily Quests. These quests are easy, simple, and not very time consuming. You can get 8 of them done in less than 2 hours. I'll just go through a few now (excuse me for not remembering the quest names or monster names).

The first two are located by a building near the docks. You need to kill 5 of the big neutral electric things. You can't miss them. After you kill one, press the little item in your bag and that's it. 5 and you're done. The second is killing those power deprived blood elves. Collect 4 blue things from them and zap a red crystal near the docks with the 4. Done and done.

There's a third non-repeatable which will bring you to a big green portal. Tape the teleport scroll and you end up in Hellfire Peninsula. Two quests here. First, you get a non-combat pet. Kill the fire mobs until it becomes big, green, and unstable. You do not need to be in a group. All you need to do is be near someone killing one and you will get credit. Bring it back to the gate near the quest giver to explode it. The second is killing 4 demons, collecting their blood and then using that special stone to suck the power of the elite blood elves around the area. Then kill them without their power. Only 4 kills.

Back to the Sunwell, there's two new quests if you have entered into Phase 2. You will need to kill 6 of either the infernos, demon dread lords, or the 4 armed female demons. Then, next to a big green portal, kill the really big blue guy (described in the quest log) and stick a flag in him. The second quest should be done in a group of 5. It's a bombing quest but the monsters have a lot of HP. The best way is to all fly off at the same time. Bone the hell out of the place. A good group can complete it in one sweep.

There's other quests in Shatt which you can do as well. With all of these quests (and more), I can now see why we now have 25 daily quest slots available. So, get going! Your server needs you help to retake the Sunwell!

More info can be found on WoW Wiki.