Friday, March 14, 2008

Opps... My Bad

Yeah, I forgot I changed the updates to Monday and Thursday.

Two short things to talk about today. The first is that Blizzard has released 2.4 under the Blizzard download this past week. I recommend downloading the 200+mb file now so you save time on patch day. Expect to see even more downloads coming over the next few weeks because there will still be changes to 2.4.

The other subject is a new video podcast I discovered a few days ago. It's called The MMO Report. Now, some of you do not play other MMOs but for those who do, or even want to learn more about other MMOs, this short video podcast is just for you. It's produced through G4TV and thus, can be assured its production is good. The graphics are decent. They're plain but at least they have depth. The host is very clear in his speech but the humor will make you do many facepalms unless you're a teenager... Then maybe you will laugh. Download it through iTunes.

Over the weekend, I'll be expecting to play Lord Of The Rings Online. That should be monday's update.