Monday, March 3, 2008

Question To The Readers (1)

We all know that there's a little pleasure we get from playing WoW. But, if an MMO came around which was about your favorite thing, would you migrate? My question to the readers today is: What MMO, if they made one, would you quit WoW for?

I know that there are a few which would make me quit. I would quit for a Diablo MMO. Hands.Down. I think if they were to go back to EverQuest graphics and game mechanics, I would still play it.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is Pokemon. After replaying a newly made version of Red, I came to realize how great of an RPG it really is. You just don't get that feeling when you're 12 years old playing it. You are on an epic journey to catch, train, and raise YOUR Pokemon. It just feels like an MMO because you do have the freedom to go anywhere you please and train whatever you want to. There would be no gear to grind for, but the grind would be for money to purchase potions, pokeballs and other trinkets for your Pokemon.

So, what MMO would you quit WoW for?


Matt Graham said...

To be honest, I can't think of any other IP that I've loved more than Warcraft. So, I'd probably only quit WoW for WoW 2. :p

Mattarin said...

I don't know but that new Warhammer Online looks pretty sweet. I have a fantasy for a Grand Theft Auto MMO. That would be freaking sweet.