Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vial Of The Sunwell

Reading WoW Insider yesterday, I came across a trinket which should help a lot of healers. It's call the "Vial of the Sunwell". This little toy collects 100 points from any holy spell you cast. It will build up to 2000. If you use the trinket's ability, it instantly heals your target for the total collected points. It also has 15mp5 which is pretty good. Because this trinket can crit, I would have liked to have seen +crit instead of the mp5. However, there are Paladins who are having problems with mana.

Here are some extra notes which Heavenfall mentioned on WoWHead:

- The amount of energy you have can be ascertained by the number of stacks the buff has. If you have 10 stacks, you have 1000 energy.
- The buff on yourself that stores the energy lasts 10 seconds
- Using the trinket does not produce a Global Cooldown effect
- The trinket has approximately 10 yards range
- The trinket can be used with 0 energy, and then it heals for 0
- It is not affected by +healing gear
- It can crit

So, with this and the boost to Holy Shock, we Holy Paladins will have some viable instant heals. Every 10 Flash of Lights will make for a 1000 instant heal. The 2 minute cooldown is a real drag... It's just too long and this will make a lot of people cringe at the item. The 10 yard range isn't too hot either. You'll have to run up to the tank to use it.

So, does the instant cast heal out weigh the negatives mentioned above? In my opinion, I would pick it up for Aticus. What about you?


Mattarin said...

when i get my lvl 25 blood elf holy palain to 70 this summer i would like to have this as well. too bad you cant use on your self. me being a warrior this would help with soloing and pvp.