Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello 2.4

First of all, I pity every business man who has to wear a suit everyday of the week to work. I hated it! Sure, I got a lot of complements on looking good but I was so uncomfortable. God, how do you do it? lol. Sorry about yesterday. I had meetings at the CT state capital (which only happens once every couple years).

On Tuesday, March 25th, patch 2.4 went live. On my server, I could not move without disconnecting. Not just on Aticus, but other characters in Outland as well. It wasn't just my server either. My Wednesday morning, everything was fixed. From Shatt, I took the portal to Ironforge where the fightmaster knows a direct route to the island. You can pick up some quests, do a few dailies and run the new 5man and 25man content. I only did 2 dailies and entered into MT.

Now, I thought I was an idiot or rusty because our PUG wiped 3 times. However, after what everyone has said, it seems like this 5man is really hard. So, I fell better :D. There's a lot of mages and they hit hard. CC is very important. We had a mage and a trapping hunter which helped a lot. A 1 minute freezing trap is great.

Now, I think everyone needs to go and get those dailies done because I want next phase and a mailbox! :D