Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crawling Back For My Life

I'm finally feeling better and getting back to my old routines. Being away from WoW for the last week has been surprisingly fun. I've discovered the Nintendo DS. I've played it before but after actually buying one and playing it on the couch all week, I'm addicted. Mario Party, Animal Crossing and my all time favorite, Uno Skip-Bo & Uno Freefall are all amazing games. Being away also brightened my eyes about how much time and effort goes into this game. 15 hours a week may not seem like much but you really don't realize how long that is once you stop doing it.

But this is a WoW Blog. To be honest, there hasn't be any Holy Paladin news within the last week or so. The only interesting change was to Turn Undead. It is now called Turn Evil which will now effect both Undead and Demons. One rumor is that Alliance Paladins will now be able to get Seal Of Blood and Horde will get Seal Of Vengeance. However, this is just a rumor.

My newest task I set for myself is making a new hunter. I have a level 35 hunter but she has gotten old and I feel like Role Playing a old dwarven hunter named Neflight. I started him a week ago with the idea that he will travel into Wailing Caverns to tame one of the Serpent Pets. That should be fun. They look really cool too!

Unless something major pops up, Monday's post will be a question to the readers.