Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi. I'm Aticus and I'm a Switcher

Some friends of mine have decided to roll one Horde character on another server. Talk about being random. I was somehow dragged into this. I would rather be leveling my Priest but I figured that it can't hurt to try it out. We all rolled Blood Elves.

Wait wait wait. Hold on a moment. What?!

For those who don't know... I LOATH Blood Elves. To my core. For some reason, ever since they implemented BE's into the game, I've always been ghanked by them in Battlegrounds. Not just one but two or three at a time. I have all BE's on "Kill On Sight".

But in any case, I sucked it up and rolled a BE Mage cause I did not want to miss out on any of the new quests from BC. And so a Mage, Paladin, Priest and Rouge all set out on an adventure to a complete opposite world. I have to admit, it was different and a real shock. It is like I just purchased a new game. The quests are great, simple, and self-explanatory.

The true awe is the landscape. It is some of the most beautiful buildings and lands I have seen in the game. It doesn't beat Nagrand's beauty but it sure it special. Everything is very bright which sort of misdirects the true scenario concerning the BE's situation about their addiction to Magic. Murder's Row is more of the scene I thought Silvermoon would be like.

The true test will come once we experience contested zones (we rolled on a PVP server instead of our normal RP server Earthen Ring). I don't know how I will react to fighting the Alliance. Even General Chat is pretty rough about how everyone hates the Alliance. It's just weird to me. I have always been bipartison concerning the Horde. I will /wave as I run by them (Not BE's though ;-) ), and will only fight if attacked. Whenever an Alliance player is corpse camping a Horde, I will always ask that player to stop. Usually I get called a Horde lover and laughed at but a thanks for them Horde player always eases me.

It should be a fun experiment but I will still play Alliance at my home on Earthen Ring.


Xtian said...

I recently started WoW after receiving it and a new laptop for the holidays and I really love it! I rolled a BE Paladin, which I'm feeling was the perfect choice for my playstyle, in that I like to support, but also want to be able to solo most of the time. I have weird play hours, so I don't always have it easy when it comes to joining people. I created a few alts just to see what their areas were like and get a feel for different characters, but the farthest I got was with a Human Warrior I got to lvl 8, but haven't played for weeks... heehe.

I really love the BE starting zone and actually really miss it now that I'm out an adventuring more of the world (currently lvl 26). Oddly enough I really enjoyed the Barrens even though people say that area is torture to play through.

I found your blog through a comment you left on Renata's blog. :) Hope you don't mind.

Aticus said...

Haha, not at all Xtain. Feel free to comment anytime.

thepretender2011 said...

i also saw your comment on wowinsider. i personally have a strong dislike of alliance. mainly because their characters are kind of gay and not very intimidating enuff for me. i have a couple of alliance i play when i am bored and to get a new line of quests.i play on pve velen for alliance and pve suramar for horde on suramar the alliance side are rude and quest ninjas to the horde. when i was in neutral areas with alliance they would take my quest items or when i aggored some adds they willn't help even if i helped them or if i saw them in trouble. so now everytime i see in alliance i /spit or /rude them.