Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rave: Blizzard Downloads and Copytrans

As my previous post said, my laptop died on me. I did an overnight defrag, rebooted and a piece of my raid was deleted. In other words, I had to do a system recovery. I lost everything (band songs, videos, pictures, notes, etc) but I was able to get my music off my iPod thanks to the third party program Copytrans. Well worth the $20 price tag! I was able to one click my music back on my computer without losing a single file.

Now, back to World of Warcraft. I dug out my WoW CDs and ran the install. The problem I had though was that I downloaded the Burning Crusade from Blizzard instead of buying it. The worst part was the CD key was on the laptop [when it crashed] as a HTML file. My luck turned when I went onto Blizzard's site. I was able to download the client and install the Burning Crusade without any problems!

Props to you Blizzard for aiding your customers with an easy install.

I should return with more posts within the next few days. Once this all settles down and I start playing again.