Monday, January 21, 2008

The Hunt for an Azure Whelpling

Of all the non-combat pets I decided to get, I had to pick the rarest one... /epic fail. Last week, I took my Paladin out to go and farm the Azure Whelpling (cause Earthen Ring's AH price is around 350-550g). Little did I know that it is a 1:1500 ratio (give or take a few hundred). Most have said that you are 99% guaranteed to get one if you kill 2000.

In any case, the mobs are level 50-54 elites. For you Paladin's out there, put on Cold Resistance aura! At level 70, you will rarely get hit with any frost attack. I never have to heal myself and if I do, it's a Flash. Next, make sure you have a good mana pool or bring a lot of water. I've run through over 100 purified dren drinks and that is trying to preserve mana. I can kill about 7-10 in between drinks. What I've done is set up a guy in any Outland inn to buy and mail out water if you run out.

If anyone wants to start enchanting from 150-300, this is the place to farm for greens. I've gained at least 70g in disenchanting materials. I am now set up from 225-275 (minimum). Also, each mob drops about 5-25s which adds up. I've farmed about 150g in just cash drops.

Without a real counter, I would guess I've killed over 1,000. Numerous greens, one blue, 150g but still no Azure Whelpling. I'm not giving up yet though! Once I get it, you'll know ;-)


Matt Graham said...

Gratz on the whelpling!