Friday, January 11, 2008

Podcasts: A Way To Increase Your Knowledge Of The Game

I've been home sick with a cold for the last few days and I started getting caught up with my Podcasts. Podcasting is one of the ways where I get my information on World Of Warcraft. After a few months of playing World Of Warcraft, I started to listen to Podcasts (WoW, Football, Gaming, etc). However, most of the Podcasts I listened to were about World Of Warcraft. I found it great that I can play a game and listen to people talk about the game at the same time. After I started listening, my views and overall look about the game increase greatly. I knew nothing about the game beside my Paladin and the zones I have already leveled in.

I have a few websites listed on this blog to my favorite Podcasts. But, I will give you a little review about my top 3 favorites.

3. WoW Insider Show

This Podcast is hosted by numerous people from This Podcast is going to be the most informative Podcast about World Of Warcraft. They cover all topics about the game. The only problem with this Podcast that there is too much variety. I never really know what I am going to listen to. However, what they do produced is great and it will surely keep you informed about the game; every aspect of the game. Check them out over at

2. World Of Warcast

World Of Warcast is hosted by Starman and Renata. This Podcasts covers endgame raiding, news, mods of the cast and more. This was my first Podcast. As a newbie, it was difficult to follow along at first but I quickly gained some knowledge of what they were talking about. They go in depth about news and their experiences. Well worth it if you know a bit about endgame WoW. They update about once every 2 weeks. Check them out at

1. The Instance

The Instance is hosted by Scott Johnson and Randy Deluxe. This Podcast gives you a sense of two regular guys just talking about WoW. Personally, this is my all time favorite Podcast. They talk about all sorts of topics about WoW including mid-level content, new content, classes, news, PVP tips, mods, and much more! My favorite part is when they answer questions from the public. They are very precise in their answers. Their segments include: News Of The Week, Rumors & Skuttlebutt, Drop Of The Week, and Town Cryer. Also included are Mean Gene's PVP Tip and Patrick's Mod Of The Week. They have a new Podcast up just about every week (about every 8 days according to Scott). Go check them out at

One last thing... WoWRadio host many shows about World Of Warcraft. If you have the time, check them out too.

Here is a short list of other WoW Podcasts I listen/listened to:

Taverncast (retired from WoW)
Titan (Returning soon. WC Radio)
Casually Hardcore
Analog Hole Gaming (Mature Audiences)

I use iTunes for my Podcasts and I recommend it for everyone!

(I am not doing this for these podcasters. I do this on my own accord.)


Corey said...

I too am a fan of WoW podcasts and enjoy listening to them while i'm at work. I am a regular listener to the podcasts you mentioned and also to one by the name of WoW Things Considered which is hosted by Duncor and Cadwallion and is featured on WC Radio.

Aticus said...

I'll have to check that one out too. Thanks.

Umani said...

Thank for the list. I didnt have number two, but I listen to the others. I also enjoy Octale and Hordak vs. the World. It is more about all of gaming, but it's very WoW centric since it's hosted on WoW Radio.