Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reins of the Riding Talbuk

Here's another tip post but this one is for my second favorite mount in the game (besides the Spectral Tiger): The Talbuk! First, you need to be exalted with Kurenai (Alliance) and Mag'har (Horde). You also need to be at least level 60. However, doing this at level 60 is almost impossible without some help. Ideally, you should wait until level 65.

There's three ways to gain rep with your faction. The first is to complete all the quests with that faction. Secondly, you need to grind out ogres... lots of ogres. My choice is the Warmaul clan's ogres. They have a 35% chance to drop Netherweave Cloth and a 33% chance to drop Obsidian Warbeads. These beads will be your life-saver! If you turn in 10 of these beads, you will get 500 rep.

There's four different colors to choose from: Cobalt, Tan, White and Silver. I picked the Cobalt one. There's also a black one you can get by doing the Halaa PVP. There's the normal 60% mount and the epic 100%. There is no difference in speed from your normal mounts back in Azeroth.

To be honest, it is the easiest faction grind in Outland and the reward is pretty cool. Just buy some food, some water, and spend a few days over in the beautiful zone, Nagrand.