Monday, January 28, 2008

Hunter Pets: Gotta Catch 'Em All?

[Many people have already beaten the topic of the Ghost Wolf Hotfix to death but when Hunters interrupt my Trade channel while I'm trying to post my enchanting job, then I have a problem.]

The recent Ghost Wolf hotfix has stirred up the WoW community for the last few weeks. Mostly, the Hunters have been complaining that now they've waisted their time leveling up, gearing up, etc, to get this one pet. I understand the bragging rights to show this pet off in towns is/was great but there's really no value other than that.

The Ghost Wolf is part of the Wolf family of pets. My understanding is that there's no difference other than appearance with that one particular wolf. Therefore, you don't gain anything other than bragging rights. With me, I'm very content with my polar bear pet [RP reasons] and soon to get a kitty.

When I see a Ghost Wolf in the world, I say to myself "Oh, that's nice" and move on with my day. If you hunters want me to spend 1 second of the day thinking about you and your "uberness", then I suggest you seek help. If you want people to awe over your uberness, then go pick up some other rare items: Bear Mount out of Zul'Aman, full Season 3 gear, or that beeping beep beep beep Azure Whelpling non-combat pet!

(Yeah, I'm still grinding that one out...)

Blizzard can do what they wish. Just because a Blue stated that it wasn't going to change, doesn't mean anything. If his/her boss says take away, they're going to save their job and take it away. What probably happened was, the Blue's boss said it's okay to tell them that they're not going to take it away. Then, the Blue's boss' boss might have a different opinion and tell them to take it away.

Look, I'm sorry that you've wasted your money on gear that you might not ever use anymore. However, to those people who have said that they've wasted their time leveling a hunter or to go as far as canceling their account, I have no remorse. In fact, go ahead and cancel your account because the other 9.99 million people who play the game will enjoy one less player flooding the forums and Trade Chat with complaints.