Friday, January 25, 2008

Rant: Quest Object Ninjas

I'm going to blow off some steam now from the last few days. I've played Alliance for the last 2 years and rarely do I ever experience ninjas stealing quest items. However, over the last few days, I've experienced at least 8 quest ninjas!

For those who do not know who quest ninjas are, they are players who run in and take your glowing piece of paper or plant while you're fighting right next to it or are eating by it.

Maybe it is a Horde thing. Maybe it's the people who play on the Blood Furnace server. I have no idea. I've rarely had this experience on Earthen Ring (a handful of times over the years) but I /spit on anyone who does this. It is just not fair (or ethical for that matter) to see someone fighting mob/mobs next to a quest object and you just run in and steal the item. I had this happen to me today in Ghostlands: I'm fighting the Night Elves trying to get three pieces of paper. This low level pulls 4-6 elves towards me (trying to run away maybe?) and dies. I now somehow gain aggro while trying to pick up the paper. Now, I die, and some other person watches me die then takes the quest item. I understand that if I'm dead then you can take the item but he could have helped and both of us wouldn't have died.

I've counted it up. 8 times in two days playing my Blood Elf Mage. All of them are different people. As I stated: It could just be the Blood Furnace server. It could just be PVP servers in general. I guess I'm just asking people to be more courteous to other players and stop being so selfish!

"Do onto others as you would yourself."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, anyone taking a world quest item that you are fighting next to is NOT a ninja. there are a number of classes that don't need to fight mobs to get the quest items, in which case they are in no way changing their actions to suit yours. They see a quest item, and they take it. A mage would sheep the mob, a hunter would trap or pet tank it, a warlock could fear, a shaman could stoneclaw totem or Elemental tank it, a rogue could sap, a priest could fear, hell, even Hammer of justice lasts longer than the gathering timer. Droods could roots, warriors could fear. There you go. Questing in an area with specific quest items? well, if you don't go get the item as fast as you can then you cant blame someone else for not wasting their time. every class has a way of picking without getting hit, so if you don't take advantage of that, your bad.

Aticus said...

No, I cannot blame them for wasting their time. However, I can blame them for not having common courtesy. For example: You're driving and you get to a stop sign at the same time as another driver. You can either wave them on through or do a quick stop-start and blow them off.

Back to WoW: If I am in a fight next to a glowing quest item, the least a player can do is /say "Can I loot this plant?" Or, if you're both at it, ask, 'Can I have this? I only need 1 more (or 2 more).'

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You're playing a paladin.